An Employee Benefit That Makes Your Job Easier

Amaze is the Perfect Partner for
Human Resources

Our mission is to make your job easier. When you partner with Amaze, we train your employees to understand and manage their healthcare. We empower them with the knowledge they need to make informed choices as healthcare consumers. 

This saves you and your employees time, money, and undue stress.

Informed healthcare consumers understand when to go to the emergency room, where to find the best prices for medications, and when to contact their doctor. They also rely less on their HR department because they know where to go to find the answers they need.

When you partner with Amaze, we handle the healthcare questions, so you can manage everything else.

We Offer Much More than Telehealth Services

At Amaze, we offer much more than telehealth services. We empower our users to take control of their healthcare by giving them the tools they need to be well-informed consumers. We not only offer telehealth services that require zero health insurance claims (we never bill the insurance company), but we take the time to help our users with the following:

  • Virtual primary care
  • Wellness visits that include mental health, dietitian services, and referrals for counseling when needed
  • Finding local providers within their network
  • Discovering ways to save using a high deductible plan
  • Managing unscheduled (emergent) care
  • Medication and drug price shopping
  • Education on how hospitals work and what their patient rights are
  • What to ask at their next appointment
  • Free legal support to fight fraudulent medical bills (this goes through our non-profit company, Broken Healthcare)

We provide all of this for one flat monthly fee. No surprise bills…ever!

"We are so grateful for the care and support your team provides us.”
HR Manager
Boulder, Co
"Amaze quickly became our “go to” resource for questions and concerns regarding COVID-19 and employee health generally. Since then, more than 75 employees and their families have benefitted from the extraordinary service that Amaze and its resources offer.”
Chief Operating Officer
Centennial, Co
“It’s not often a medical app can make a benefits account manager shed tears of joy.”
Vice President
Longmont, CO

Uninsured Employees?

Regardless of whether or not you offer health insurance to your employees, Amaze is a great service to offer for those who are uninsured.

These employees are oftentimes the ones who need our care the most. 

We are not a health insurance benefit and we don’t work with insurance companies. When your employees use their Amaze account, they are never billed for the service. We offer unlimited support to get them the care they need.

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