Get the healthcare you need, when you need it

A message from Vicki

Amaze is a world-class telemedicine service that has opened up its services to individuals and families. Until the recent crisis, it was only available via employers. I’ve been working with Amaze for over a year and have been incredibly impressed by its medical team and their highly collaborative approach to working with people.

When you call Amaze, you don’t just get a doctor, physician assistant or nurse practitioner on the line faster than with any other telemedicine service (not lengthy forms to fill out or prescreening questions to answer), you get the whole Amaze team. And you don’t pay by the visit–you can call back as many times and as often as you need. And if there’s follow-up that’s required, you can expect they’ll call you, too.

Amaze charges just $24.99/month per family. They’ll take care of all of the things you’d expect from a telemedicine services, plus much more. In many places around the country, urgent cares are closing or restricting hours and access, doctors’ offices are closing, and going to the emergency room prematurely risks unnecessary exposure to COVID-19. In just the last couple of weeks, Amaze has been helping people refill prescriptions when they can’t get in to see their regular doctor. They’ll call ahead to a hospital if someone in the family needs to be admitted. And they’ll help you find a local provider that’s still taking patients on an exception basis when absolutely necessary.  In other words, they’re here to be our healthcare partner, not just our provider.

Now that I cannot travel to schools, I’m working with Amaze more regularly and I want to ensure all of my friends and family have access to high-quality telemedicine the moment they need it. If you want to give Amaze a try and get your family profiles set up so you can access Amaze in seconds when you need them, you can sign up with my code below. With it, you can try Amaze and won’t be charged until the second month. You can also cancel anytime, even after calling Amaze for help.

To receive  the first month at no charge, sign up with the Referral Code: VF315YB62 (see below)
* No one likes a service that makes it easy to sign up but hard to cancel. While we don’t think you will ever cancel your service, we make it as easy as can be. If you purchase through the Apple or Android stores, you can cancel anytime through your app. If you purchase Amaze online, you can simply send an email to We’ll take care of canceling your service. We’ll even refund anything you’ve paid that month. No 30-day notice is required. We won’t ask you why. We’ll just do it.